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We are Anaheim Probate Lawyers

Since our establishment back at 1998, we served probate, estate planning services around Anaheim. We have the most senior attorneys in our team. Our style of work, the way we work for client has led us to become the most anticipated law firm in Anaheim.

Why Anaheim Probate Lawyers?

Amazing People

The team we have year are very down to earth and welcoming. Just pay a visit, have a cup of tea, you will know that you have come to the right place.


All four of our attorneys are well qualified and have a cumulative experience of 30 years of service. The most experienced attorneys of Anaheim are with us.

Solid Foundation

Since we have different lawyers for each type of service be it probate or estate planning our foundations are well laid. Its easier for our team to handle your case with more care and expertise.

Different Approach

We do not practice the age old way of talking about the expense first, rather we hear you out and provide a solution so that you can actually go through the process the way you feel comfortable.

We truly Listen

Meet our Attorneys

Our attorneys are not only good speakers, they are good

listeners as well. They hear out you and your part, so that

they can build upon that.

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Directing You With the Probate Refine Probate is the legal process where the court assigns somebody to administer as well as distribute assets after a person's death. Some estates, particularly those of high worth or with intricate possessions like family members companies or retirement accounts, can take more time to

Getting ready for the Future For many people, estate preparation is challenging since it is not easy to ponder the end of one's own life. Others believe estate planning is only for "the abundant." The reality is that also those with small estates can benefit considerably from having a correct

Comprehensive Senior Citizen Legislation Solutions Senior law is a general term to encompass the many lawful locations that touch the lives of the elderly. From Medicaid intending through estate planning and guardianships, older legislation is a difficult practice location that requires a lawyer with skill, creativity and also a dedication

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